LET EM IN / room103


Art Direction, Design : Makoto Kamimura, NSSG Inc.
develop : Sachi Kamimura
Photograph : Takahiro Motonami
Direction : Masataka Maruyama, circle-d
Client : LET EM IN

room 103

東京都国立市の、世界のモダンデザインと民芸が中心の古道具店 LET EM IN。ギャラリー・イベントスペース、room103。公式サイトのアートディレクション・デザインを担当しました。

LET EM IN is a vintage design shop located in Kunitachi City in Tokyo. Their collection is mainly focused on modern design and folk crafts from all over the world. Their gallery/event space, Room 103 is standing in the next room. NSSG was responsible for art direction and design for their websites.